Use Third-party External Devices


This product supports USB HUBs with USB-A plugs and can be used through connection with the USB-A port.


  • The operation of all commercially available USB HUBs is not guaranteed. Be sure to fully verify operation with the actual device before beginning actual use.
  • Only one USB HUB can be connected to the printer.
  • Devices that can be used by connection with the USB HUB are as follows.
    • Only one device, either optional barcode reader BCR-POP1 or commercially available HID device
    • Optional customer display SCD222U
    • Commercially available USB memory
  • The host terminal cannot be connected to the USB HUB for operation.
  • The performance and quality of the USB HUB main unit conforms to the standard of the manufacturer.
  • When the USB HUB is powered from the printer, the power consumption of the HUB (total consumption by the HUB and USB devices connected to the HUB) must be 5 V/0.5 A or less.
    Otherwise, the operation of the printer may be affected.


This product supports USB HID class (keyboard mode) devices.


Only one device of either our designated barcode reader (BCR-POP1) or USB HID class (keyboard mode) can be connected.

Restrictions on the use of USB HID class (keyboard mode) device
  • Information for general users
    Pay attention to the following points when connecting and using a USB HID class (keyboard mode) device.
    1. The device can be connected by USB to mC-Label3 and used only if the application (or system) to be used supports that USB HID class (keyboard mode) device. For the support status, check with the application (or system) provider.
    2. These devices cannot be used with general-purpose applications (such as Excel or Notepad).
  • Information for developers
    The operation of all commercially available USB HID class (keyboard mode) devices is not guaranteed.
    Star Micronics does not check the operation of every kind of device. Therefore be sure to fully verify operation with the actual equipment before actually beginning use. Some commercially available devices cannot communicate correctly with this product.

  • Please direct any inquiries regarding support for USB class devices to here.