Use App

With the dedicated app (Star Quick Setup Utility or Star Windows Software), you can use the following functions.

Bluetooth pairing using QR code
With Star Quick Setup Utility (iOS, Android), you can use the QR code printed via Self-Printing to easily perform Bluetooth pairing and configure the printer to connect this app to, enabling you to smoothly proceed with the setup procedure.
Firmware update
Download the latest printer firmware and update the firmware safely.
With Star Quick Setup Utility (iOS, Android), you can update the firmware by selecting [Printer Settings] - [Firmware Update]. With Star Windows Software (Windows), set up the printer connection, and then select [Firmware Update] to update the firmware.
Connection check
By performing sample printing from the dedicated app, you can easily check the connection between your PC, tablet, or other device and the printer.
Change memory switch setting
You can change the memory switch setting of the printer on the screen.

Refer to the appropriate information for your usage environment.




Star Quick Setup Utility download

To download Star Quick Setup Utility, access the following URL from your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone and download it.

Download Site

What Star Quick Setup Utility can do

Installing Star Quick Setup Utility enables you to use the following functions.

Communication settings
Select and connect the desired printer.
This enables you to perform Bluetooth pairing using the QR code printed by Self-Printing. < POP10 model >
Check printer operations
Check printer operations. (Sample printing)
Check the printer status.
Check the operations of external devices such as the cash drawer. < Check for Support of Connection to External Drawers >
Select and print images saved on a tablet or smartphone.
Perform Self-Printing.
Change printer settings
Set the memory switch.
Register the logo.
Update the mPOP firmware.

Operating environment
iOS 12.0 or later
Android 6.0 or later


Star Windows Software download

Download Star Windows Software from the following website.

Download Site


When using a Windows10 device equipped with “S mode”, apps other than Microsoft Store apps cannot be installed (executed). If it is not possible to install Star Windows Software, check the Windows settings.

What Star Windows Software can do
Star Windows Software installation
Install the drivers necessary for printing to the mPOP from a Windows application.
Setting utility
Configure the printing settings for the Star printer.
Update the mPOP firmware.
Perform Self-Printing of the printer.
Bluetooth Setting Utility
Configure the Bluetooth settings for the Star printer.
< POP10 model >
USB Serial Number Setting Utility
Change the USB serial number setting for mPOP.

Operating environment
Windows 10 / 11