This section contains safety information for preventing harm to users of this product, to third persons, and damage to property.
Carefully read before using this product and use the product properly.

We are not liable for any damages incurred by improper use other than those detailed in the safety information or in the manual for this product, or damages incurred due to repairs/changes made by a third party who is not of our company or specified by our company.

Warning symbols

Caution for connections: This is an external device drive connector. Connecting to a telephone line may result in electric shock or malfunction.
Do not connect to a telephone line.
Caution for static electricity: Do not touch the print head as it may be damaged by static electricity accumulated in the human body.
Caution for burns: The print head may be hot. Do not touch the print head. There is a risk of burns.
Caution for electric shock: The device contains high-voltage parts. Touching these parts may result in electric shock.
Do not remove the fixed screw if you are not a service person.
Caution for injury: Do not touch sharp parts. There is a risk of injury.


  1. Immediately turn the power off and pull the power plug from the electrical outlet if it emits heat, smoke, abnormal smell, or abnormal sound. Then contact the seller.
    If it is continued to be used, it may cause fire or electric shock.
  2. Do not disassemble, repair or modify.
    May cause fire, electric shock or injury.
  3. Always pull the plug and not the cable when pulling out the power plug.
    Will damage the power cable and may cause short circuit, fire or electric shock.
  4. Do not damage, modify, forcefully bend, pull, twist, put something heavy on, or squeeze the power cable.
    Will damage the power cable and may cause short circuit, fire or electric shock.
  5. Do not use a damaged power cable, power plug or loosened electrical outlet.
    It may cause short circuit, fire or electric shock.
  6. Do not touch the power plug with wet hands.
    May cause electric shock.
  7. Do not touch the cutter blade. It may cause injury.
    - There is a cutter inside the paper exit so do not touch the blade when it is operating as well as when it is not.
    - The printer cover will be opened when exchanging the paper roll but since there is a cutter inside the printer cover, do not bring your face or hands close to the cutter blade when the printer cover is opened.
  8. If foreign matter such as liquids or metal fragments get inside this product, immediately cut off the power switch and pull out the power plug from the electrical outlet. Then contact the seller.
    If it is continued to be used, it may cause fire or electric shock.
  9. Do not place anything that exceeds the withstanding load on this product.
    It may cause injury or malfunction.


  1. If not being used for a long time, pull the power plug from the electrical outlet as a safety precaution.
  2. When connecting or removing a cable, as a safety precaution, remove the power plug for both this product and the PC from the electrical outlet.
  3. Do not connect a telephone line to the external device drive connector.
    Also as a safety precaution do not wire so that there is danger that excess voltage is applied to the external device drive connector. It may cause malfunction.
  4. Do not open the cover while printing or when the cutter is being operated.
  5. Do not pull out the paper while the printer cover is closed.
  6. Be careful not to get your hands trapped when opening or closing the cover.
    It may cause injury.
  7. As the heating element in the thermal printing head and the driver IC part can be easily damaged, do not allow direct contact with metals, sand papers and such.
  8. Do not conduct printing with a wet printing head caused by condensation and such.
  9. The POP10CI does not support Bluetooth and does not have an reset button for it. Do not insert any objects into the hole even if you find one for the button.
  10. If thermal paper other than that recommended is used, we may not be able to guarantee the printing quality or the thermal printing head life. Especially if the thermal sheet has a large amount of [Na+, K+, Cl-] then the life of the thermal printing head may be drastically shortened. We recommend using products with ion concentration of Na+ 500ppm, K+ 150ppm, Cl- 300ppm or less.
  11. Use in accordance with indicated environmental specifications. Even if the environmental temperature/humidity is within specifications, avoid drastic environmental condition changes. Environment suitable for using this product is as follows.
    Operational temperature: 5°C~35°C
  12. When disposing this product, follow local ordinances or regulations.

Handling cash drawer

  1. Make sure fingers and hands do not get caught when closing the cash drawer.
    It may cause injury.
  2. Please use a drawer tray (lower) with a drawer tray (upper) as a set necessarily.
    Do not use only the drawer tray (lower). (mPOP Flat Bill type only)

Handling barcode reader

  1. Be careful during the reading of a barcode to not look into the ray of the scanner window or have the ray facing the direction of someone's eyes.
    It may lead to impairment of the eyes.
  2. Do not drop from a high place or apply strong shock.
    It may cause malfunction.

Handling wireless communication functions < POP10 model >

This product is equipped with Bluetooth communication functions.
Due to the radio law or regulation for each country regarding Bluetooth communications, there may be limitation on usage. Please check the radio law or standard for the country it is being used in, against the radio laws and regulations acquired by this mPOP.

  1. Regarding the newest information for radio laws and regulations acquired by this product, see the company's official website.
  2. This product has received technical standards conformity certification as a radio station for low-power data communication system according to radio laws and regulations. Therefore a radio station license is not required when using this product. However disassembling/modifying this product may be punishable by law, so please do not do so.
  3. A distance of at least 20 cm {7.87"} must be maintained at all times between the antenna of this product and people in the vicinity.
    May exert electromagnetic interference on, and cause malfunction of, cardiac pacemakers.
  4. The use of wireless devices may be restricted or prohibited in medical institutions, and in aircrafts.
    Follow instructions according to each medical institution and aircrafts.
  5. If using this product causes radio interference in other machines, immediately stop using this product.