You can check basic information and settings of mPOP with the self-printing function.

The Bluetooth information that is printed on the second page for POP10 models is required when configuring Bluetooth settings with the host device.

As self-printing can be conducted regardless of the connection status of the host device, the stand-alone operational status of the printer can be confirmed.

Make sure to set up the paper before performing self-printing.

Paper Setup

1. Turn power off

  • Press the power switch on the side of mPOP.

2. Pull out printer

  • Push the front face of the printer to unlock and pull out the printer.

3. Perform self-printing

  • While pressing the Multi-Function button, turn the power on.
  • Take your hands off the Multi-Function button when self-printing has started.

4. Return the printer to its original position

  • When self-printing has finished, remove the paper with the printed information, and push/return the printer until it locks with a click.
    When the printer is locked, it will move to the standby condition.
  • Confirm that the LED display is in standby.