Use Barcode Reader

This section explains how to use the specified barcode reader (BCR-POP1).

Refer to Accessories (Barcode reader) for parts names.

For information on third-party barcode readers, see here.

1. Connect the barcode reader to mPOP

  • For details refer to Set Up Barcode Reader.
  • When connection is performed while mPOP is turned on, the power to the barcode reader will also turn on, and the setup will finish automatically.
  • When the barcode reader turns on, a melody is played.

2. Read a barcode

  • Press the trigger switch while the scanner window is facing the barcode.
  • When it has been properly read, the LED will light up blue once, and a beep will be heard.
  • image


Be careful during the reading of a barcode to not look into the scanner window or not have it facing somebody's eyes.


  • Use the dedicated app to change the settings of the barcode reader. Use App
  • Please contact the seller if you wish to purchase a specific barcode reader.
  • List of supported barcode standards

    The following barcode standards are supported.

    EAN-13 EAN-8
    Code-128 Code-93
    Code-39 Code-11
    Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF) Industrial 2 of 5
    Matrix 2 of 5 MSI/Plessey
    UK/Plessey Telepen
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