Check Accessories

Check to make sure all the accessories are found/included.
Please contact the seller if there are deficiencies or broken accessories.

Standard Model

* Please use the included USB cable in case the application you use supports USB connection.


Power cable
(2 cables for EU / UK model)

USB cable (B-A) *

Tablet stand

Mounting bracket/two screws


Simple setup sheet

Safety Guide


Barcode Reader Included Model

Barcode reader, barcode stand, double-sided tape, screw x 2


Contact the seller if you wish to purchase options.

Barcode reader

Barcode reader, barcode stand, Instruction sheet, double-sided tape, screw x 2
Use Barcode Reader

Mount kit

Mount frame x 2, template, installation sheet, 2 types of screw x 4
Use Optional Products

Stand Bracket

Stand Bracket , Positioning Board, Hole-punching pin, screw x 4, nut x 4, instruction sheet
Use Optional Products