Auto connection function (iOS only)

When the wireless Bluetooth connection is disconnected while communicating with a tablet such as iPad, it is necessary to again select the mPOP name that is displayed in the setting screen for the tablet to connect.

By setting the auto connection function to ON, mPOP will automatically connect to the tablet that it was last connected to. This function makes it possible for communication between mPOP and the tablet to not have to be set each time it disconnects.

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  • The initial setting for this function differs depending on the mPOP model you are using.
  • Confirm the initial setting of your mPOP and the following recommended setting, and use according to your usage.
  • Use the dedicated app to check the current ON/OFF status and to change the setting.

    For details, refer to Use App.

    Recommended setting


    • When using a single tablet (such as iPad) in a one-to-one format with mPOP.


    • When using multiple tablets (such as iPad) with mPOP
    • when using an Android tablet or Windows tablet