Set Up Barcode Reader

Set up the barcode reader (included or optional).

1. Connect USB cable

  • Connect the USB connector for the barcode reader to the USB-A port (0.5A) on the bottom of mPOP.

2. Wire USB cable

  • There are 2 cable outlets to the right and left, and should be wired according to where mPOP and the peripherals are placed.
  • For details, refer to Wire Cables.

3. Assemble barcode reader stand

  • Assemble the barcode reader stand as shown below.

  • Secure with the included double-sided tape or 2 screws as necessary.

4. Set up barcode reader

  • Set the barcode reader in the barcode stand.


  • The specified barcode reader (included or optional) can only be used in an iOS or Android environment.
  • Please contact the seller if you wish to purchase a specific barcode reader.