Paper Jam

When paper jams occur, do not forcibly pull the paper and use the following steps to remove the jammed paper.


1. Turn the power off

  • Press the power switch on the back of the main unit.

2. Open the printer cover

  • Push the opening lever to open the printer cover .

3. Remove the jammed paper

  • Remove all, making sure paper fragments do not remain. Not removing all may cause paper jam.
  • Confirm that there are no paper remaining in the paper roll holder or the paper exit.
  • Forcefully trying to remove the paper may damage the product. If you still cannot remove the paper, contact the seller.

4. Set paper

  • Set the paper according to the steps indicated in Paper Setup.

Prevent Paper Jam

Please note the following to prevent paper jamming.

  • If the paper has been wound loosely around the roll, carefully wind the paper tightly around the paper roll before setting it in the printer.
  • When setting the paper, pull out the paper edge in a straight line.
  • Do not touch the paper during printing, while the paper is being ejected from the paper exit, or before the paper is cut off.
  • Make sure that discharged paper does not accumulate at the paper exit.