Use Accessories

The following accessories are included with this product for use when required.

Paper roll guide

It is necessary if you want to use a 58mm wide paper roll.

Rubber feet

These are required if you want to use the printer standing vertically.

Paper roll guide

Always mount it before using a 58mm wide paper roll.

1. Mount the paper roll guide

  • Refer to the figure and align the parts of the paper roll guide indicated by the red circles with the grooves in the main unit.
  • Mount by pressing in the paper roll guide until a clicking sound is heard.
  • To change the paper width, it is necessary to change the memory switch setting. Use the specified application and change the setting for the "printing width".
    Use App
  • Caution

  • Do not change the paper width after starting to use the product.
    The friction of the head, rubber rollers, and cutters varies depending on the paper width, which may cause problems related to printing or cutting operations.

Rubber feet

1. Attach the rubber feet to the printer

  • Peel off the release paper on the back of the rubber feet, and paste the rubber feet on the 2 places on the bottom of the printer.
    Wipe away any dirt from the location where it will be placed, before pasting.

2. Set paper roll

Mount on Wall

Secure the printer to the wall by hooking the wall-mounting holes on the back of the printer onto the screws which were attached to the wall.

Screws for mounting on the wall are not included.
Prepare two screws available commercially (screw diameter: 4mm) that are suitable for the wall material (wood, steel, concrete, etc.).

Refer to Safety Information before mounting.


The weight of the printer will be approx. 2.4kg, including the weight of the paper roll.
The screws that attach to the wall must have shear strength that can withstand a pull strength of more than 12kgf (118N).

1. Attach the screws for mounting the printer on the wall

  • Prepare the two screws to match the wall material and attach them to the wall with the following dimensions.
  • Make sure to attach the two screws horizontally.
Install the two screws at 90mm intervals and with a 2.5 to 3.5mm space between the wall and the screw head. Use a screw with a head of more than φ7mm.

2. Mount the printer on the wall

  • Align the wall-mounting holes with the two screws that were installed in step 1, and hook the printer onto them.

3. Set paper roll