Use Third-party External Devices

This product supports USB HID class (keyboard mode) devices.


  • Information for general users
    Pay attention to the following points when connecting and using a USB HID class (keyboard mode) device.
    1. The device can be connected by USB to the TSP100IV and used only if the application (or system) to be used supports that USB HID class (keyboard mode) device. For the support status, check with the application (or system) provider.
    2. These devices cannot be used with general-purpose applications (such as Excel or Notepad).
  • Information for developers
    1. The operation of all commercially available USB HID class (keyboard mode) devices is not guaranteed.
    2. Only one input device such as the optional dedicated barcode reader (BCR-POP1) or USB HID (Keyboard) class Devices can be connected at a time.
    3. Star Micronics does not check the operation of every kind of device. Therefore be sure to fully verify operation with the actual equipment before actually beginning use. Some commercially available devices cannot communicate correctly with this product.

    Please direct any inquiries regarding support for USB HID class devices, please contact here .