Installation Notes

This section contains safety information for preventing harm to users of this product, to third persons, and damage to property.
Carefully read before using this product and use the product properly.

Star Micronics shall not be liable for any damage that occurs as a result of incorrect use that is inconsistent with the safety information or the product manual, or for any damage that occurs due to repairs/changes made by a third party who is not part of our company or specified by our company.


Do not install in the following locations

Doing so may cause electric shock or fire.

  1. Where there is a danger of electricity or water leakages.
  2. Locations that are in the vicinity of fire, that are subject to direct sunlight, or where heat may be trapped.


Do not install in the following locations

Installation in the following locations may cause malfunction.

  1. Locations where there is static electricity or where a strong magnetic field is generated.
  2. Locations where ventilation is poor or there is much dust.
  3. This product uses DC motors and switches which require contact with electricity; therefore avoid using in locations where silicone gas or flammable gas is volatilized.
  4. Locations where temperature and humidity exceed the usage environment conditions, or where condensation occurs.
  5. Locations where the floor is not flat, or where vibrations occur.
    The product may topple over or fall, which may cause an injury or malfunction.
  6. Do not use the same electrical outlet as the one where equipment that generates noise such as copiers and refrigerators are connected to.
  7. Location at a distance from an electrical outlet.
    Install in a location that is near the electrical outlet so that the power plug can be immediately pulled out if an abnormality occurs.
  8. This device is not suitable for use in the vicinity of children.

About wall mounting

  1. Before mounting the product on the wall, turn the power of this product off, and pull the power plug out of the electrical outlet. Carefully read the installation steps in the manual and install correctly.
  2. Star Micronics will not be liable for any damage or injury resulting from accidents caused by improper mounting. Confirm the following items, and install in a safe and correct manner.
  3. - Regarding the screws installed in the wall and mounting on the wall, the user must be sure to carry out design and mounting work correctly, or else request that the work be performed by a professional.
    When attaching to a high place, please be cautious and ensure that it is securely fixed to the wall.
    If it is not attached securely, it may cause damage or injuries if it falls.
    - Depending on the condition of the mounting surface or the screws used for mounting, sufficient mounting strength may not be attained. In order to prevent the product from falling due to the weight of the printer and cables, please ensure that it is securely and properly mounted.
    It may cause damage or injuries if it falls.
    - Do not install where there are numerous vibrations and shocks, or in an unstable location.
    It may cause damage or injuries if it falls.