Initialize Communication Settings

The printer communication settings can be returned to the factory settings.

If you fail to configure the communication settings, follow the steps below to initialize the communication settings.
Before disposing of the product, follow the procedure below and initialize the communication settings in order to protect the information.


  • Do not turn off the printer when initializing. The initialization process will not finish correctly.

1. Turn the power on

  • Press the power button on the back of the printer.

2. Open the printer cover

  • Push the opening lever to open the printer cover .

3. Initialize the communication settings of the printer

  • Press the [FEED] button until the Power LED (blue) begins flashing , then release it.
  • The blue Power LED flashes (0.25 second intervals).
  • Press the [FEED] button again until the Power LED (blue) and Error LED (red) begin flashing simultaneously , then release them.
  • The blue Power LED and red Error LED flash simultaneously (0.25 second intervals).
  • When the cover is closed, the printer communication settings will be initialized.

  • When initialization is completed, the printer is reset and the LED returns to status display. The printer communication settings are also printed out. Remove the printed paper.


When the communication settings are initialized, the printer network settings which were changed with Web Configuration or Star Quick Setup Utility are returned to their default settings.