Part Names and Functions

This section explains the names and functions of parts that are related to the basic operations of the main unit.

Front of main unit

Back of main unit

Inside of main unit

Bottom of main unit

Front of main unit
Indicates the printer status.
Power LED (Blue)
Error LED (Red)
Network LED (Green)
LED Display
FEED button
Press this button to feed paper. Also, use this button to perform Self-Printing.
Opening lever
Push this lever to open the printer cover when setting the paper roll.
Paper Setup
Printer cover
Opens/Closes when setting the paper roll.
Paper exit
The printed paper is ejected from here.
Front cover
Remove the cover in order to clear a cutter error.
Back of main unit
Power socket
Connect the power cable that comes with the main unit.
Connect Power Cable
Power switch
Turns the power on/off.
Turn On/Off Power
Reset switch
Initializes the main unit network settings.
This manual describes the procedure by using a printer cover that is easier to operate.
Initialize Communication Settings
LAN port
Connects the LAN cable that comes with the main unit.
Connect LAN Cable
USB-C port
Connects a Windows device via the USB cable that comes with the main unit.
Connect USB Cable
USB-A port
Connects an Android device via the USB cable that comes with the main unit.
Also connects to and communicates with USB-connectable products specified by Star Micronics (customer display: SCD222U, barcode reader: BCR-POP1).
This product supports USB HID class (keyboard mode)*.
In addition, it can provide power to tablets and other USB devices.

* There are restrictions if you use BCR-POP1, SCD222U, or USB HID class (keyboard mode).
For details, see Use USB Device.

Connect USB Cable
Set Up External Devices
Use Peripherals
Connector to drive external device
Connects a melody speaker, buzzer, or cash drawer.
Set Up External Devices - External device drive connector
Inside of main unit
Paper roll holder
Sets the paper roll.
Paper Setup
Bottom of main unit
Wall-mounting holes
These are used when mounting the printer on the wall.
Wall-mounting holes

Use USB Device

    Pay attention to the following points when connecting and using a BCR-POP1, SCD222U, or USB HID class (keyboard mode) device with the TSP100IV.

  • Information for ordinary users
    1. The device can be connected by USB to the TSP100IV and used only if the application (or system) which is used supports the above USB devices. For the support status, check with the application (or system) provider.
    2. These devices cannot be used with general-purpose applications (such as Excel or Notepad).
  • Information for developers
    The operation of all commercially available USB HID class (keyboard mode) devices is not guaranteed.
    Star Micronics does not check the operation of every kind of device. Therefore be sure to fully verify operation with the actual equipment before actually beginning use. Some commercially available devices are not able to communicate correctly with this product.

  • Please direct any inquiries regarding support for USB HID class devices, please contact here .