Use Accessories

The following accessories are included with this product for use when required.

Paper roll guide

It is necessary if you want to use a 58mm wide paper roll.


Paper roll guide

Always mount it before using a 58mm wide paper roll.


When using a 80 mm roll, it is not necessary to install the paper roll guide.

1. Mount the paper roll guide

  • Face notch A (triangle mark) of the paper roll guide downward, and insert the guide into the main unit while tilting it to the right.
  • Place notch A along rib B of the main unit, and slide the guide from the right .
  • Stand the paper roll guide vertically at the position at which the guide stopped sliding , and push the guide until it clicks into place .
  • To change the paper width, the memory switch must be set. Use the app dedicated to the mC-Print to change the "printing width" setting.
    Use App
  • Caution

    Do not change the paper width after starting to use the product.
    The friction of the head, rubber rollers, and cutters varies depending on the paper width, which may cause problems related to printing or cutting operations.