Precautions for Using Bluetooth Printer

When creating and using applications

When creating an application that uses a Bluetooth printer, it is recommended that the following items be considered.

In addition, due to the nature of wireless connections the communication status of the Bluetooth printer will depend on any nearby radio waves, presence of interference, and the environment in which it is installed. Because of this, sufficiently evaluate the environment for use, and consider the necessary waiting time.

Waiting time until communication begins

After connecting the Bluetooth printer with the host device (port open), post-processing of the connection is performed.
Therefore, it is recommended that a waiting time of 100 msec or more be secured for the application before data transmission starts after the port opens.

Waiting time until reconnection (port close and port open)

After disconnecting the Bluetooth printer from the host device (port close), post-processing of the disconnection is performed.
Therefore, it is recommended that a waiting time of 500 msec or more be secured before the next time the port opens after it is closed.

Port close timing

Even if data transmission from the application is already completed, data may remain in the printer internal buffer.
In addition, closing the port may cause the data remaining in the buffer to be discarded.
Therefore, before closing the port, check the status and ensure that printing of the transmitted data has been completed.

Retry attempts performed by application

Taking into account the unstable nature of wireless connections, it is recommended that retry processes be implemented regarding connection-related processes for applications.


If using a Bluetooth USB adapter

If using a Bluetooth USB adapter on the host device, check the adapter specifications and sufficiently verify operation.

If changing or initializing Bluetooth settings

If the printer Bluetooth settings have been changed or the Bluetooth settings have been initialized, delete the host device Bluetooth connection in order to reflect the changes to the host device.
Then pair them once again.