Installation Notes

This section contains safety information for preventing harm to users and third persons, and damage to property.
Throuhly read this section before using this product and use the product properly.

Be aware that Star Micronics shall bear no liability for any damage that occurs as a result of incorrect use in a manner inconsistent with the contents of the safety information or the manual for this product.


Do not install in the following locations

Doing so may cause an electric shock or fire.

  1. Locations where there is a danger of electricity or water leakage
  2. Locations that are in the vicinity of fire, that are subject to direct sunlight, or where heat may be trapped

Precautions regarding cables

  1. Do not use any cables other than the provided cables or cables which satisfy the specifications*.
    Doing so may cause fire or electric shock.
  2. * Power USB cable: USB-A to USB micro-B cable (capacity 1A or higher / cable heat resistance 60°C or higher)
    LAN cable for communication: LAN cable (conforming to CAT5 or higher / cable heat resistance 60°C or higher)


  1. Do not install in the following locations. Doing so may lead to malfunction.
    - Locations where there is static electricity or a strong magnetic field
    - Locations that are poorly ventilated or where there is much dust
    - Locations where temperature or humidity exceeds the specification environment, or where condensation occurs
  2. This product uses switches which include electrical contacts; therefore avoid using in locations where silicone gas or flammable gas is volatilized.
  3. This product is not suitable for use in the vicinity of children.
  4. When installing, be careful to route the connected LAN cable and power USB cable so that they are not trapped behind the unit.
  5. Use only indoors.
  6. Use in accordance with indicated environmental specifications. Even if the environmental temperature/humidity is within specifications, avoid drastic environmental condition changes. Environment suitable for using this product is as follows.
    Operational temperature: 5°C to 40°C