Part Names and Functions

The names and functions of each part are shown below.

Wireless LAN Unit
The status of the Wireless LAN Unit is indicated by lighting up or flashing of the POWER LED, WLAN LED, LAN1 LED, and LAN2 LED.
LED Display
USB micro-B port
Use the provided USB cable to connect to the printer and supply power to the Wireless LAN Unit. Communication is not performed via this port.
Connect Cables
LAN1 port
Use the provided LAN cable to connect to and communicate with the supported Star Micronics printer.
Connect Cables
LAN2 port
Use a LAN cable to connect a printer or LAN device.
Use the LAN2 Port
Reset switch
Returns the Wireless LAN Unit communication settings to the factory settings.
Initialize Communication Settings
Dust cover
Prevents intrusion of dust and dirt when the LAN2 port is not in use.