SP298 Series

Fast, Reliable, cost effective impact slip printer

  • AUTOSIDE LOADING™ for quick & eazy document loading
  • Capable of printing on multiply paper (original + 2 copies)
  • Dot Matrix Printers
  • POS
  • Cut Sheet
  • Multi-ply Paper


AUTOSIDE LOADING™ for quick & eazy document loading

Capable of printing on multiply paper (original + 2 copies)

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Model Name SP298
Print method 9-pin serial impact dot matrix
Number of columns 42 (7 x 9 font)
Character font 7 (Half dot) x 9 or 5 x 9
Dot spacing(mm) 0.30 (H) x 0.35 (V)
Printing width 63 mm
Print speed Max. 3.1 lines / sec.
Paper feed speed 3.5 inches / sec. (while printing), 4.5 inches / sec. (while ejecting)
Character set ASCII, Special, Block graphics, IBM special, IMB block graphics, International
Slashed zero, Code page 858/852/860/861/863/865/866, Page 0/1/2
Ink ribbon Type Cartridge cassette
RC200B (Black):1.5million
Paper Media Cut sheet
Size 80 (W) x 80 (L) mm to 182 (W) x 257 (L) mm
Thickness 0.09mm to 0.20mm (Single copy)
Copies Three ply-max. 0.2mm
Each paper should be 0.12mm to 0.25mm in thickness
Reliability MCBF 2.5 million lines
Print head 70 million characters
Operating conditions 5°C to 40°C
5% to 80% RH
(w/o condensation)
Storage conditions -20°C to 60°C
5% to 95% RH
(w/o condensation)
Power supply 24V DC±5% 2.0A (Output)
Adaptor : PS60A-24A(Option)
Cash drawer driver Two drivers with compulsion switch input
Data buffer Star mode : 1K bytes / 35 bytes
ESC/POS mode : 512 bytes / 35 bytes
Interface SP298MD:RS232C Serial , SP298MC:Parallel
Dimensions 180(W) x 190(D) x 138(H) mm
Weight Approx. 2.1kg



Ribbon cartridge

The included accessories vary depending on the model.


Ink Ribbon (black)

Power Supply
"PS60A-24B1 Adapter Set"


EPSON TM295 / TM290 compatible with same size footprint and interchangeable power supply, easier paper & ribbon loading.

Light weight and compact

High speed printing : approx. 3.1 line / sec.

Highly reliable 9-pin print head.

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