Corporate Philosophy
& Charter of Conduct

Star Micronics' Corporate philosophy and the group's Global Charter of Corporate Conduct are presented.

Corporate Philosophy

Star Micronics, a highly skilled manufacturer with high-tech device expertise and strengths in precision product engineering and manufacturing technology, aims to contribute to society through innovative activities firmly grounded in humanity. guided by a belief in "Customer First" principles, and focused on further enhancing profitability.

Star Micronics Global Charter of Corporate Conduct

We, the executives and employees of Star Micronics Group, will comply with all laws and regulations and conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity as members of society.

  • We will provide socially beneficial, safe and quality goods and services.
  • We will carry out our corporate activities with fairness and integrity.
  • We will engage in active and fair disclosure of corporate information and ensure the proper management of information.
  • We will always carry out our corporate activities with respect for humanity. ensuring the physical and mental well-being of all employees.
  • We will implement environmental activities in order to protect the global environment.
  • We, as "good corporate citizens," will actively engage in philanthropic and other societal activities for the benefit of the world's people.
  • We will respect the culture and customs of other nations and contribute to the development of local communities as a global company.
  • We will observe all laws and regulations as well as social standards and internal rules, always taking the sensible and responsible course of action.
  • Senior management will assume the responsibility for realizing the spirit of this Charter and take all actions necessary to see it is continually implemented and improved.

Star Micronics Group formulated the "Star Micronics Global Charter of Corporate Conduct" and the "Codes of Conduct", and internally organized the Compliance Committee to promote compliance with these codes and to maintain and improve business ethics. We, all the executives and employees of Star Micronics Group, will follow the principles in our daily activities, striving to enhance the company's contribution to society in order to be a socially respected company.