Corporate Philosophy

Star Micronics' Corporate philosophy are presented.

Corporate Philosophy

A company and its employees must constantly evolve through a process of steady development while also making every effort possible to improve the lives of each individual. This growth must happen together.


Contribute to the sustainable development of society as a “leading small and medium-sized enterprise” that seeks to excel on the world stage

As a technology group, Star Micronics strives to provide new value through unique technologies that increase corporate value. At the same time, the Company will enrich the lives of its employees by providing a place where diverse engaged employees can contribute their best. Our goal as a group is to stand at the forefront of Japan’s small and medium-sized enterprises by generating a high level of productivity that rivals large companies as we contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Management Policy

  1. Do not pursue scale unnecessarily; position capital efficiency and labor productivity as primary evaluation indicators
  2. Maintain the ability to continuously offer new value to society in response to changes in the environment
  3. Constantly look to the global market for each business, and position “global niche” at the core of the Company’s strategy
  4. Invest in building an environment that allows employees to realize their full potential and the pursuit of unique technologies from a long-term perspective, regardless of generational environment
  5. Strive to become a company that perpetually evolves in harmony with society through its products and its people

Action Guidelines

Act with
initiative and courage

Take accountability and pride in your work;
think, inquire, decide, and then act ethically and with courage

Continue learning

Seek out challenges that will foster personal continuous learning and growth in ways that ultimately improve the Company’s value

Pursue technology

Seek to develop and refine technology in ways that bring unrivaled solutions to market

Focus on
team productivity

Hold the utmost respect for colleague perspectives.
Work collaboratively and decisively to achieve a high level of productivity