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Privacy Policy

STAR MICRONICS CO. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) shall handle personal information pertaining to a person who provides said personal information to the Company (hereinafter referred to as “the Person”) in accordance with this Policy as set forth below.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company may use personal information within a scope necessary for the achievement of the purposes of use set forth below:

  • For sale, repair, inspection, and provision of after-sale services and supports of products of the Company, and for response to inquiries, requests and demands related thereto;
  • For provision of product information, corporate information, information on services of the Company and other related information (delivery of catalogs, bulletins, information on new products, and other written materials);
  • For notification of exhibitions, training sessions, explanatory meetings and other events confirmation of participants thereat, and provision of subsequent information thereabout;
  • For communication and consultation with and notification to business clients of the Company, and maintenance and establishment of smooth business relationship with them;
  • For delivery of notices of convocation of shareholder meetings and necessary documents therefor, and implementation of clerical work for payment of dividends, performance of statutory obligations under the Companies Act, etc. between the Company and shareholders;
  • For the purposes of use permitted by the Act Concerning Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and ordinances

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company shall not provide personal information to any third party, except for the cases set forth below:

  • When the Company has obtained prior consent of the Person;
  • When, for the achievement of the purposes of use, the Company provides personal information to business contractors, affiliates or agents of the Company to whom the Company conducts proper supervision;
  • When the provision of personal information is permitted under the Act Concerning the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and ordinances

Matters Concerning Security Control Measures

The Company shall take necessary and appropriate measures for security management of personal information including prevention of leakage, loss or damage of personal information. Security control measures for personal information are stipulated separately in our “Personal Information Control Regulations,” whose main contents are as stated below:

(Establishing this ” Privacy Policy”)
To ensure proper treatment of personal information, the Company has established this “Privacy Policy” concerning “Compliance with Related Laws, Ordinances, Guidelines, etc.” and concerning the “Contact for Treating Questions and Complaints,” etc.

(Improving the Rules concerning Treatment of Personal Information)
The Company has established the “Personal Information Control Regulations” concerning how to treat personal information, responsible persons, persons in charge and their duties, etc.

(Organized Security Control Measures)
The Company has been building up organized security control measures, including installing persons responsible for personal information control and organizing an information security control system, and improving its in-house rules.

(Personnel Security Control Measures)
The Company implements necessary and proper supervision over its workers and outside contractors who treat personal information.

(Physical Security Control Measures)
The Company has implemented workers’ room access control, introduced measure for locking the door when a document is taken out of, transported from, or kept in, the room, and has taken a measure for preventing unauthorized persons from reading personal information.

(Technical Security Control Measures)
The Company has implemented proper access control of personal information and limited the number of persons in charge and the scope of personal information. In addition, the Company has taken measures, including the introduction of a scheme that protects its information system treating personal information against external unauthorized access and malware software.

Response to Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information

The Company shall properly, within a reasonable scope, respond to disclosure, correction, addition, removal, discontinuation of use, and deletion of personal information and complaints relating to handling of personal information.

Use of Website

(1) Encryption
On the pages where personal information is input at the Company’s Website, excluding a part of the pages, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption communication system is adopted for security reasons. By this system, personal information of the Person is encrypted and transmitted, and the Person may use the Website with security.
*SSL is the most reliable encryption communication technology on the Internet at present.

(2) Use of Access Log Information
When the Person accesses the Company’s Website, information containing the Person’s domain name and IP address is recorded as access logs. These access logs are used for confirmation of the status of use of the Company’s Website, and prompt response to occurrence of a failure and investigation of causes by the Company, and are not used for identity confirmation of the Person, except in case when use of such access logs is considered necessary for the protection of the rights, properties and services of the Company.


This “Policy on Handling of Personal Information” may be revised from time to time. You are recommended to confirm this Site on a regular basis.