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Power Supply,Wall Mounting Bracket,Splash-proof Cover,Ink Ribbon,Buzzer,Thermal Paper,Print head

Power Supply

Item PS60A-24B1 Adapter Set
Used With FVP10, TSP100PUSB, TSP650II, TSP700II,
TSP800II, TSP1000, TUP500,
TUP900, SP298, HSP7000, DK-AirCash


Item PS60A-24C Adapter Set
Used With mC-Print2/mC-Print3

In accordance with the requirement of the EU commission

Item PS8340A Adapter Set
Used With DP8340


Mounting Kit

Wall Bracket

Item WB-T700 WB-T800 WB-S700
Used With TSP700Ⅱ TSP800Ⅱ SP700

Vertical Stand

Item VS-T650 VS-T700 VS-T800 VS-S700
Used With TSP100, 100ECO,
TSP700Ⅱ TSP800Ⅱ SP700

Mount kit

Item MK-F10
Used With FVP10

Splash-proof Cover

Item SPC-T100
Used With TSP100, TSP100ECO, TSP100III, TSP650II
Item SPC-T700
Used With TSP700Ⅱ

Inked Ribbon


Item SF03BR
Color Black and Red
Life Red: 0.4million characters
Black: 0.8million characters
Used With DP8340


Item RC200BR
Color Black and Red
Life Red: 0.3million characters
Black: 0.6million characters
Dimensions 114.4×65×28mm
Used With MP200
Item RC200B
Color Black
Life 1.5 million characters
Dimensions 114.4×65×28mm
Used With MP200, MP292, MP500, SP298, SP500


Item RC300B
Color Black
Life 2.6 million characters
Dimensions 123×85.5×31mm
Used With MP300, SP320


Item RC330B
Color Black
Life 2.6 million characters
Dimensions 116.4×66.5×28mm
Used With MP330


Item RC100B
Color Black
Life 0.8 million characters
Dimensions 103×66.8×28mm
Used With MP400


Item RC700B
Color Black
Life 3.0million characters
Dimensions 139.1×67.5×28mm
Used With SP700
Item RC700BR
Color Black and Red
Life Red : 0.75 million characters
Black : 1.5 million characters
Dimensions 139.1 x 67.5 x 28 mm
Used With SP700


Item RC-7KB
Color Black
Life 4 million characters
Dimensions 148.4 x 66.4 x 28 mm
Used With HSP700


Item BU01-24-A
Used With TSP100(*), TSP100ECO, TSP100III,
TSP650II, TSP700II, SP700
(*) Except for TSP100PUSB

Print head

Item DP8901 DP8302,
Number of pins 9
Supply voltage 24 V 12 V
Current 0.9 A 1.8 A
Pulse width 340 μsec 460 μsec
Reliability 200 million characters 70 million characters

Thermal Paper