The above composition of the tool post reassures enhanced scalability for complex machining with adequate number of tools.

  • The turret-type tool post can accommodate a 2-spindle type power tool unit with the B-axis control function at a maximum of 4 positions.
  • The 8-spindle backworking unit with the Y-axis control function allows efficient main/back overlap machining.
  • The guide bush and non-guide bush type are interchangeable. The non-guide bush type incorporates a spindle sleeve slide guideway structure for higher spindle rigidity.
  • The Star Motion Control System
  • RMGB
  • XYZ axes control turret
  • Balance cut turning
  • B axis control
  • GB/NGB switchover

Tool Post

Tool Post
Tool Post Tooling
Turning tool(☐16mm) 6 tools
Turning tool(☐12mm) 7 tools
Power-driven tool 5 tools
刃物台 Turning tool(☐16mm) 1 tool/station
Turning tool(☐12mm) max.3 tools/station
Front-end working tool max.3 tools/station
Rear-end working tool max.3 tools/station
Power-driven tool max.2 tools/station
刃物台 Rear-end working tool 8 tools
Stationary tool max.8 tools
Power-driven tool max.8 tools


Item SV-20R
Max.machining diameter Revolving G.B. ø 20mm (25/32 in)
N.G.B.type ø 20mm (25/32 in)
Max.headstock stroke Standard 205mm (8 in)
R.M.G.B.unit 160mm (6-19/64 in)
N.G.B.type max.50mm (1-31/32 in)
Tool post configuration Gang type Turning tool + Power-driven tool
Turret type 8 stations turret tool post
Number of turning tools Gang type 6 tools(☐16mm) / 7 tools(☐12mm)
Turret type 1 tool/station(☐16mm)、
max.3 tools/station(☐12mm)
Sleeve holder Number of tools max.3 tools/station
Max.drilling capability ø 14mm (35/64 in)
Max.tapping capability M12 × P1.75
Power-driven att. Number of tools Gang type 5 tools
Turret type max.2 tools/station
Max.drilling capability Gang type ø 10mm (25/64 in)
Turret type ø 10mm (25/64 in)
Max.tapping capability Gang type M8 × P1.25
Turret type M8 × P1.25
Spindle speed Gang type max.8,000min-1
Turret type max.5,750min-1
Drive motor Gang type 2.2kw(Continuous)
Turret type 2.7kw(Continuous)/4.0kw(5min./30%ED)
Rapid feed rate 30m/min(X1,Y1,Z1,X2,Z2,X3,Z3)
Main spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Main spindle speed max.10,000min-1
Main spindle motor 3.7kw(Continuous)/5.5kw(10min./60%ED)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 2,730 × 1,350 × 1,865mm
Weight 4,150kg
Power consumption 6.3KVA

Backworking Attachment

Item SV-20R
Max.chucking diameter ø 20mm (25/32 in)
Max.length for front ejection 105mm (4-9/64 in) projection length 75mm (2-61/64 in)
8 spindle backworking unit Number of tools 8 tools
Max.drilling capability Stationary tool ø 12mm (1/2 in)
Power-driven att. ø 6mm (15/64 in)
Max.tapping capability Stationary tool M10 × P1.5
Power-driven att. M5 × P0.8
Sub spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Sub spindle speed max.10,000min-1
Sub spindle motor 2.2kw(Continuous)/3.7kw(10min./25%ED)

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