Increased flexibility in response to market demands for greater capability for large diameter machining.

  • A unique slanted dovetail slideway structure for insreased rigidity of the tool post.
  • Type A is equipped with a 6-spindle type and Type B is equipped with Y-axis control / 8-spindle type backworking tool post.
  • The guide bush and non-guide bush are interchangeable. The non-guide bush type incorporates a spindle sleeve slide guideway structure for higher spindle rigidity.
  • RMGB
  • Slanted dovetail slideway structure
  • GB/NGB switchover

Tool Post

Tool Post
Tool Post Tooling

cross drilling unit
Turning tool 6 tools
Front-end working tool 5 tools
Rear-end working tool 5 tools
Power-driven tool 3 tools
Cartridge type 2 Pos.

cross drilling unit
Turning tool 6 tools
Front-end working tool 5 tools
Rear-end working tool 5 tools
Power-driven tool 6 tools
Cartridge type

*Type B
Rear-end working tool 8 tools
Stationary tool max.8 tools
Power-driven tool max.8 tools

*Type A
Rear-end working tool 6 tools
Stationary tool max.6 tools
Power-driven tool max.6 tools


Item SR-32JⅢ
Max.machining diameter Standard ø 32mm (1-1/4 in)
Max.headstock stroke Standard 320mm (12-19/32 in)
R.M.G.B.unit 286.5mm (11-9/32 in)
N.G.B.type 80mm (3-5/32 in)
Number of turning tools 6 tools(☐16mm)
5-spindle sleeve
Number of tools Front : 5 tools
Rear : 5 tools
Max.drilling capability ø 13mm (33/64 in)
Max.tapping capability M12 × P1.75
Power-driven att. Number of tools 3-15 tools (Option is included)
Max.drilling capability ø 10mm (25/64 in)
Max.tapping capability M8 × P1.25
Spindle speed Cross milling max.6,000min-1
Cartridge-type tool max.8,000min-1
Drive motor 2.2kw(Continuous)/4.0kw(5min./30%ED)
Rapid feed rate 35m/min(X1,X2,Y1,Z1,Z2)
24m/min(Y2) Type B
Main spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Main spindle speed max.8,000min-1
Main spindle motor 7.5kw(Continuous)/11.0kw(10min./25%ED)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 2,690 × 1,345 × 1,780 mm
Weight 4,100 kg
Power consumption 8.8KVA

Backworking Attachment

Item SR-32JⅢ
Max.chucking diameter ø 32mm (1-1/4 in)
Max.length for front ejection 125mm (4-59/64 in) projection length 45mm (1-49/64 in)
Backworking unit Number of tools 6-8 tools (type A:6tools, type B:8tools)
Max.drilling capability Stationary tool ø 13mm (33/64 in)
Power-driven att. ø 8mm (5/16 in)
Max.tapping capability Stationary tool M10 × P1.5
Power-driven att. M6 × P1.0
Sub spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Sub spindle speed max.8,000min-1
Sub spindle motor 3.7kw(Continuous)/5.5kw(10min./40%ED)

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