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  • Star Micronics to Launch the SP-20/23, a CNC Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe

    – Suitable for parts machining in various industries, in pursuit of the basic functions of the gang-type tool post model–

    Star Micronics has developed the SP-20/23, a CNC Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe capable of supporting parts machining in various industries such as automobiles, hydraulic/pneumatic equipment, and general machinery, to be launched worldwide from December 2023.

    The SP-20/23 employs a gate-shaped tool post configured to surround the guide bush as the tool post for front side machining. Up to 8 turning tools can be mounted on the front side, and the back side is equipped with a 7-spindle cross-drilling unit. Of the 7 spindles on this cross-drilling unit, there are 5 cartridge-type positions, and a wide variety of tool units can be mounted according to the shape of the workpieces. In addition, a 4-spindle type and 5-spindle type are available for the sleeve holder for drilling tools on the upper section, so you can select the type according to the purpose of the drilling.

    The drive system for power-driven tool is installed as standard for the 4-spindle unit for machining on the back side, enabling use of various rotating tool units even on the back side, which realizes efficient division of machining on the front and back sides and shortens cycle times.

    To support increasingly diverse parts machining needs, you can optionally select to enable machining of bars up to 25.4 mm. In addition, the machine is equipped with a guide bush switching mechanism as standard, enabling high precision machining of long and narrow parts such as motor shafts by suppressing deflection of materials through using a guide bush specification that acts to stabilize materials. For the machining of short parts such as nuts, switching to the non-guide bush specification enables machining using the optimal specification for the shape of the workpiece, such as shortening the length of leftover materials that are disposed of, and reducing material costs.

    NC units are equipped with various convenient functions that support the day-to-day work of operators, such as the alarm help function that allows operators to check alarm details on-screen. In addition, the machine has been designed with improved operability and workability in mind, such as the cutting chamber door having a wide opening and employing a flip-up door that can provide work space with sufficient room for setup and maintenance.

    Main features

    High functionality

    • A gate-shaped tool post, which has excellent tool capacity, is employed as the front side tool post. For the turning tool holder on the front side, select from the 8-station type (□12 mm) or the 7-station type (□16 mm/□12 mm). In addition, for the sleeve holder for drilling on the upper section, select from the 4-spindle type or 5-spindle type.
    • Equipped with a 7-spindle cross-drilling unit at the back of the front-side tool post. A wide variety of tool units can be mounted on the 5 cartridge-type positions.
    • Can equip with Step Cycle Pro (optional), which is effective for chip-breaking.

    High precision

    • The data from thermal sensors installed on various machine positions achieve highly accurate and flexible thermal displacement correction.
    • Prevents excessive heat by using oil mist cooling of the power driven tool gear box on the front tool post.
    • Built-in sensor on main/sub spindles. Realizes improved indexing accuracy.


    • With oversize specifications, capable of machining up to 25.4 mm dia. on both the front and back sides.
    • Equipped with a guide bush/non-guide bush switching mechanism as standard. Capable of machining at optimal specifications according to the full dimensions of the machined parts.