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  • A compact wireless LAN adapter will join the mC-Print® series peripheral lineup! Easy setup “Wireless LAN Unit” will be released

    Star Micronics Co., Ltd. will launch the “Wireless LAN Unit” that can convert a wired LAN port (*1) to a
    wireless LAN in order to meet the demand for printer operation in a wireless network environment. This product
    will be lined up as a new peripheral device for the receipt printer mC-Print®, which boasts a high market share in
    the mPOS (*2) market.

    The mC-Print® series printers released in 2018, have multiple interfaces in one unit, and due to their convenience,
    they are used in various situations such as printing receipts, waiting tickets for the queue management systems,
    and kitchen order slip in store usage. In recent years, IT systems such as POS have been acceleratingly evolving in
    retail stores and restaurants, and store systems are becoming more diversified. As a result, the flexible
    connectivity of receipt printers has become important. The Wireless LAN Unit offers a new option of wireless
    LAN connection for the mC-Print® series, in addition to the Bluetooth® (*3), USB/Lightning, and wired LAN

    This product enables wireless network connection in stores where the LAN wiring work is difficult or has trouble
    with complicated wiring. It can realize a neat layout without being restricted by wiring or location. In addition, it
    supports the 5GHz band, which is resistant to the interference of radio waves generated by microwave ovens, so it
    can be used safely in the kitchen of restaurants. Even in stores that already use the mC-Print® printer via wired
    LAN, there is no need for additional settings to the application, and it is easy to switch to wireless by simply
    adding this product. By providing this Wireless LAN Unit, we will further improve convenience in store
    operations and further expand our market share in the mPOS field.

    Main features of the new product

    Easy Setup

    It is possible for users to easily build a network environment by using the Star Quick Setup Utility App provided
    by Star Micronics.

    Support of 5GHz Band with Strong Radio Interference

    It supports the 5GHz band, which is a frequency band that does not easily interfere with radio waves. It is resistant
    to interference from radio waves from microwave ovens, and can be used safely near the kitchen without worrying
    about communication errors.

    Dual LAN ports

    This product enables wireless connection with two LAN devices. For example, you can connect two Star printers
    and/or one Star printer and one peripheral device.

    Product Name Wireless LAN Unit
    Model Name MCW10
    Available Countries America, Canada, United Kingdom, EU, New Zealand, Australia, Japan
    Body Color White
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 42 × 56 × 15 mm
    Wireless Specifications [2.4GHz] IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    [5GHz] IEEE 802.11 a/n/ac
    Accessories included in the box Easy Setup Guide, LAN cable (for communication)
    USB cable (for power), Double-sided tape (for mounting the unit)
    Applicable Models mC-Print® Series
    Scheduled Availability February 2022

    *1In a network (LAN: Local Area Network) that connects devices indoors or in a building, information is exchanged by connecting a communication
    cable to the devices. Communication by radio waves is called wireless LAN.

    *2mPOS(mobile Point of Sale). It is a POS system that uses a tablet terminal, etc., and has the feature that it can be easily introduced at a lower cost
    than those that use a conventional dedicated POS system or a personal computer.

    *3he Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Star Micronics Co.,
    Ltd. is under license.