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  • Star Micronics will Start Digital-Receipt Service for Small and Medium Business

    Low-Cost and Simple Service Based on the Microsoft AzureTM

    Star Micronics Co., Ltd. will start the Digital-Receipt service based on the “Microsoft AzureTM”open and flexible cloud platform provided by Microsoft Corporation. Star Micronics Digital Receipt service is tentatively scheduled for release in 2015.

    As a leading provider of transaction devices to the small and medium business market, Star Micronics is optimally positioned to fulfill the demand of business owners to maximize their store operations and connect with their customers. In the new mobile world, connected consumers demand a seamless shopping experience where personalized service, brand loyalty and shopping patterns are recognized and rewarded.

    By utilizing Microsoft AzureTM, Star Micronics can provide a cloud based Digital Receipt service that enables connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices to fulfill market demand for Big Data in the Point of Sale(POS) industry. Combining hardware and software to create the new Digital Receipt service, Star Micronics’ will expand the success as the leading provider of hardware solutions in mobile POS to the innovator of the digital receipt software revolution for small and medium businesses.

    As the enterprise solution for the POS industry, Microsoft Japan enables a new value driven solution for business owners and their customers. Users of the Digital Receipt service will enjoy the convenience of having their receipts available anywhere, anytime, on any device. Business owners will benefit from provide consumers a modern and environmentally friendly receipt solution and leverage transaction data to understand and manage their operation.

    Star Micronics plans to deploy trial operation of the new Digital-Receipt Service in the USA in 2015 with plans to expand the service worldwide in the future.

    * Microsoft AzureTM is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.