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  • New Release of the Interface Box for LAN/Bluetooth Communication with Cash Drawers

    “DK-AirCash” which Controls a Cash Drawer with a Smart Phone and a Tablet POS

    Star Micronics Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the new release of the interface box “DK-AirCash” which enables cash drawers to communicate through LAN or Bluetooth to provide new solutions to a smart phone and a tablet POS of which global demand has been rising.

    A typical configuration of the conventional POS system is a combination of a desktop PC, a cash drawer and a printer. Now, tablet terminals and smart phones are getting popular and the tablet POS system using these devices are growing rapidly. However, while you can find various tablet terminals and printers that are wireless and portable in the market, most of cash drawers which play an essential part in the POS system are still uniqueness wired and lessen merits of the tablet POS system.

    The DK-AirCash connected to a cash drawer enables a user to control the cash drawer with a tablet terminal through LAN and Bluetooth, open it and get an open/close status. It is the first device that makes a cash drawer wireless and supports a configuration of the complete tablet POS system.

    Since the first portable printers were released in the US market in May 2010, Star has introduced Apple MFi certified printers and expanded its share in the portable printer market. Star can extend its lineup of tablet POS peripherals and offer more advanced POS system solutions to customers by introducing this new product.

    Star is planning to start selling the DK-AirCash in July, 2013 and sales target in next 3 years is total 20,000 units, mainly in Japan, US and Europe.

    Star will exhibit the “DK-AirCash” at “SoftBank World 2013” that will be held in Tokyo for 2 days from July 23 to July 24, 2013. We look forward to your visit and touch our mobile printers and the new tablet POS system which has realized a complete wireless communication.

    Main Features

    Compatibility with existing cash drawers

    Connected to a cash drawer with the RJ-11 modular cable which is typically used to connect a cash drawer to a printer.

    Selectable communication methods

    Supports LAN and Bluetooth.

    USB port to supply power to a peripheral device

    Equipped with a USB(Type-A) 5V/1A power supply port. It can be used to charge power to a tablet terminal or to expand the system.

    SDK Available

    App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc. Google play is a trademark of Google Inc.

    Main Detailed Specifications

    Peripheral Drive 24V Output x 2 ports / Input x 1 port
    Communication Specification Ethernet IEEE 802.3 10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX (all models supported)
    Bluetooth Ver 2.1 + EDR (only SAC10EB-24 supported)
    Model SAC10E-24 (LAN) / SAC10EB-24 (LAN + Bluetooth)
    Power Input DC24V 1.5A max. (Supplied with AC Adapter PS60A-24B1)
    Power Output USB Type-A connector for +5V output (Max. 1.0A)
    Power Consumption 15W (using AC Adapter PS60A-24B1)
    Life 70,000 hours
    (lifetime due to deterioration, operating temperature: 25℃,
    maximum load applied)
    Command Star mode command
    External Size (w)X(d)X(H) 152.5 x 27.6 x 76 mm
    Weight Approx. 250 g (excluding AC adapter and a cable)
    Color Gray
    Options AC Adapter (PS60A-24B1)
    (Note) Specifications are subject to change without notice.


    July, 2013