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The precision machining, assembly, and software technologies that the Star Micronics Group has cultivated since its founding in 1950 have greatly contributed to the conservation of resources.

The biggest feature of the sliding headstock-type automatic lathe which is the main product of our machine tools business, is to "produce more parts unmanned and using minimal materials." Specifically, that is to minimize the chips and waste materials generated when processing bar materials, and to produce more high-precision parts efficiently in a shorter processing time.

With our POS printers, which are the main product of our special products business, we also have made it possible to issue receipts without paper consumption by installing an electronic receipt issuing function which is the first of its kind in the world.

We have refined the functions of our main products and have made them available to customers around the world, like these, thereby attaining resource conservation for steel, paper, and electricity. This has also enabled us to form a business portfolio that will lead to solving environmental issues such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and attaining a recycling-oriented society. Star Micronics will continue to work on various issues from the following ESG perspective, while taking pleasure and bearing responsibility for the fact that our business activities themselves are entities that contribute to the attainment of a sustainable society.


For the Star Micronics Group, which is expanding globally, it is not an exaggeration to say that protecting the global environment is a foundation for business continuity. To attain a sustainable society, we will work with our supply chain partners to reach carbon neutrality. Furthermore, one of the company's action guidelines is to “pursue technology.”
To provide new value to society, we will continue to create environmentally friendly products and services through our pursuit of technology and refining it to support customers.


We have built our position as a global niche company with strong teamwork, while always respecting others across national boundaries, races, and genders. We will protect human rights, emphasize diversity, and enhance our corporate culture of mutual respect, to build a resilient, dynamic, and trustworthy corporation.

Corporate Governance

We will strengthen our internal controls and protect and enhance our corporate culture to comply with laws, regulations, norms, and other compliance. In addition, we will strengthen the management monitoring mechanism to maximize the interests of all stakeholders and increase our corporate value.

Based on our corporate philosophy, we will grow together with our employees. We aim to achieve our goals of enhancing corporate value in a sustainable way, contributing to the sustainable development of society, and enriching the lives of employees and their families.

We recognize that efforts toward materiality based on the basic sustainability policy are an essential requirement for moving closer to these goals.At the same time, there are limits to our ability to take this path alone. The understanding and cooperation of all stakeholders around the world are essential.Through our enhancing corporate value in a sustainable way, the Group will continue to work together to meet everyone's expectations. We ask for your continuing support of the Star Micronics Group.

Representative Director,
President and CEO

Mamoru Sato