Added in Version 1.0.0


The class that creates StarXpandCommand for a document



Initialize object


settingTopMargin(_ height: Double)

Set the top margin

settingBlackMark(_ parameter: StarXpandCommand.Printer.BlackMarkParameter)

Set black mark detection

settingLabel(_ parameter: StarXpandCommand.Printer.LabelParameter)

Set gap detection for die-cut label paper, etc

settingHoldPrint(_ parameter: StarXpandCommand.Printer.HoldPrintParameter)

Set hold print

settingPrintableArea(_ width: Double)

Set the printable area

addPrinter(_ builder: StarXpandCommand.PrinterBuilder)

Add a printer

addDrawer(_ builder: StarXpandCommand.DrawerBuilder)

Add a cash drawer

addBuzzer(_ builder: StarXpandCommand.BuzzerBuilder)

Add a buzzer

addMelodySpeaker(_ builder: StarXpandCommand.MelodySpeakerBuilder)

Add a melody speaker

addDisplay(_ builder: StarXpandCommand.DisplayBuilder)

Add a customer display

addRaw(_ content: Data)

Add the binary data