StarXpand SDK for iOS/Android Developer's Manual Ver. 1.6.0

Last update: February 9, 2024

What Is StarXpand SDK?

The StarXpand SDK is a software development kit containing API libraries that make printing processes easy. This new SDK containing simpler and more sophisticated API libraries was achieved by leveraging Star Micronics' accomplishments in mobile POS applications.
There are many API-based sample codes, allowing a great reduction in man-hours.
This is the industry's first SDK to support React Native (cross-platform framework).

Understand the overview of the StarXpand SDK on this page and try building the sample application provided by the SDK according to Quick Start.

Advantages of StarXpand SDK

- The StarXpand SDK is a new SDK containing the advanced library "StarIO10".
- StarIO10 helps to reduce the costs of application development and maintenance.
- The APIs are so easy to understand that you do not need to understand complex control commands.
- Multiple connection interface communication processes are standardized into a single API.
 * StarIO10 is not compatible with StarIO and StarIOExtension.

Benefits of Built-in Library "StarIO10"

1. Faster printer search

Printer search is faster than the conventional library.
StarIO10 allows quick searching of all printers.

2. Output highly readable commands

The StarIO10 command builder includes an API that generates human-readable commands.
This API generates data to be sent to the printer as an intermediate command that can be read by humans, which makes it easy to understand the details of transmission data (raw commands) and helps to solve problems.
As an emulation-independent print format, this intermediate command can be reused for integrating a different printer model.

3. Simple and intuitively understandable APIs

StarIO10 offers simpler-to-use APIs than the conventional library.
Since the name is clearly linked to the value in each parameter particularly, it increases source code readability and prevents parameters from being incorrectly specified.

4. Output logs between the printer and the OS

StarIO10 includes a log output function that is designed to help debugging.
This log function reduces problem analysis time and prevents onsite downtime from prolonging, which results to reduction of costs for solving problems.

5. Asynchronous processing implemented

StarIO10 includes an asynchronous communication function, which executes print jobs in parallel.
This reduces asynchronous processing costs on your side, reduces probability of bugs, and increases source code readability.

6. Emulation free

Commands created with StarIO10 can be commonly used on all Star Micronics printers.
Therefore, you do not need to modify the application when you change your printer.

Printing Support for Each Platform

We offer SDKs that support various platforms. (Available on our support site)

Package name Support language Supported OS Library distribution method
StarXpand SDK for iOS (*) Swift iOS
  • Distributed on Swift Package Manager
  • Each framework available in ZIP file format on our support site
  • Published on GitHub
StarXpand SDK for Android Kotlin Android
  • Compatible with Maven repositories
  • Published on GitHub
StarXpand SDK for React Native (*) TypeScript iOS
  • Distributed on npm
  • Libraries for OSs available in ZIP file format on our support site
  • Published on GitHub

(*) For the procedure to design and develop iOS applications for Star Micronics MFi certified printers and register the applications to Apple App Store, see here.