Added in Version 1.0.0


The class that creates StarXpandCommand for a printer



Initialize object


styleAlignment(alignment: Alignment)

Set the alignment

styleAmbiguousCharacterWidthType(type: AmbiguousCharacterWidthType)

Set the Width type of a character when printing ambiguous characters in UTF-8

styleFont(type: FontType)

Set the font

styleBold(enable: Boolean)

Set the bold

styleInvert(enable: Boolean)

Set the inversion

styleUnderLine(enable: Boolean)

Set the underline

styleMagnification(parameter: MagnificationParameter)

Set the magnification

styleCharacterSpace(width: Double)

Set the character spacing

styleLineSpace(height: Double)

Set the line spacing

styleHorizontalPositionTo(position: Double)

Set the horizontal absolute position

styleHorizontalPositionBy(position: Double)

Set the horizontal relative position

styleHorizontalTabPositions(positions: List<Int>)

Set the horizontal tab positions

styleInternationalCharacter(type: InternationalCharacterType)

Set international character

styleSecondPriorityCharacterEncoding(type: CharacterEncodingType)

Set the secondary character encoding

styleCjkCharacterPriority(types: List<CjkCharacterType>)

Set the priority of CJK unified ideographs

actionCut(type: CutType)

Execute paper cutting

actionFeed(height: Double)

Execute paper feeding (per mm)

actionFeedLine(lines: Int)

Execute paper feeding (per line)

actionPrintText(content: String, parameter: TextParameter? = null)

Execute text printing

actionPrintLogo(parameter: LogoParameter)

Execute logo printing

actionPrintBarcode(parameter: BarcodeParameter)

Execute barcode printing

actionPrintPdf417(parameter: Pdf417Parameter)

Execute PDF417 printing

actionPrintQRCode(parameter: QRCodeParameter)

Execute QR code printing

actionPrintImage(parameter: ImageParameter)

Execute image printing

actionPrintRuledLine(parameter: RuledLineParameter)

Execute ruled line printing

add(builder: PrinterBuilder)

Add a printer

addPageMode(parameter: PageModeAreaParameter, builder: PageModeBuilder)

Add a printer