How to Use This Manual

Star Document Markup is a markup language that allows you to easily generate print data for POS (Point of Sales).

This manual provides information about the specifications of Star Document Markup and how to generate print data.
Reading the following sections in order helps you understand the functions that can be achieved using Star Document Markup and the development processes:

Getting StartedDescribes this manual and supported models.
Star Document Markup OverviewDescribes the overview and advantages of Star Document Markup.
Quick StartDescribes how to edit a template of Star Document Markup and preview the print result.
SpecificationsSpecifications and tag references of Star Document Markup.
FAQsFrequently asked questions and answers.

Operating Environment

Star Document Markup is used to generate print data with CloudPRNT, a print solution that allows direct printing from a cloud server to a printer.
For CloudPRNT, click here and refer to the Online Manual.

Star Document Markup Designer is provided as an editor to create text data in Star Document Markup format.
For details, refer to Quick Start.

Convert print data created in Star Document Markup format into printer control commands through a CloudPRNT development support tool provided by Star Micronics. For the operating environment and details of development support tools, refer to the manual of the corresponding tool at the following link:

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