Supported Model:

TSP650II TSP650IISK TSP700II TSP800II TSP100IIU+ TSP100IIIW TSP100IIILAN TSP100IIIBI TSP100IIIU TSP100IV POP10 POP10CI MCP20 MCP20B MCP21LB MCP30 MCP31L MCP31LB MCP31C MCP31CB SM-S210i(StarPRNT) SM-S210i(ESC/POS) SM-S230i(StarPRNT) SM-S230i(ESC/POS) SM-T300(StarPRNT) SM-T300(ESC/POS) SM-T300i(StarPRNT) SM-T300i(ESC/POS) SM-T400i(StarPRNT) SM-T400i(ESC/POS) SM-L200 SM-L300 BSC10 TSP043 SP700 TUP500 SK1-211/221/V211 SK1-311/321/V311

Added in Version 1.0.0


Use of the auto switch interface

autoSwitchInterface: boolean

Return value

Use of the auto switch interface


  • Auto switch interface

    If you cannot connect to the interface of the device that is specified in interfaceType and identifier, this function automatically detects and connects to another connectable interface for the device.


    • This function cannot be used when you connect to a device for the first time. It is available when you connect to the device from the second time on.