Green Purchasing/Green Procurement

Star Micronics and its affiliated companies conduct green purchasing of all items purchased through business activities, with the aim of comprehensively reducing environmental impact while actively and continuously contributing to global environmental preservation and building a recycling-oriented society.

Star Micronics has clarified the classification of Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) contained in parts, materials, auxiliary materials, packaging and other items, and SVHC used in the production processes. These substances are classified into the two categories of “prohibited substances/eliminated substances” and “properly managed substances.” Based on these categories, Star Micronics has established Green Procurement Guidelines for the purpose of ensuring awareness internally and outside the company.

Recent Developments in the Environmental Field

Activities to Strengthen Green Procurement

To strengthen green procurement, we revised Green Procurement Guideline in February, 2017. We clarified 4 additional substances defined by RoHS directive, and added substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) defined by REACH regulation.

To add these substances, we revised the Environment Loading Substances Survey. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.
Please allow us to ask for the certificate and analysis data to prove the compliance with this guideline or other regulations depending our customer’s request.
In addition, the environmental regulations are being updated occasionally, and we may revise the guideline. Please check out this web site periodically, and provide the revised data as needed.