Supported Model:

TSP650II TSP650IISK TSP700II TSP800II TSP100IIU+ TSP100IIIW TSP100IIILAN TSP100IIIBI TSP100IIIU TSP100IV POP10 POP10CI MCP20 MCP20B MCP21LB MCP30 MCP31L MCP31LB MCP31C MCP31CB SM-S210i(StarPRNT) SM-S210i(ESC/POS) SM-S230i(StarPRNT) SM-S230i(ESC/POS) SM-T300(StarPRNT) SM-T300(ESC/POS) SM-T300i(StarPRNT) SM-T300i(ESC/POS) SM-T400i(StarPRNT) SM-T400i(ESC/POS) SM-L200 SM-L300 BSC10 TSP043 SP700 TUP500 SK1-211/221/V211 SK1-311/321/V311

Added in Version 1.0.0


Notify that the printer cover is open

onCoverOpened: () => void