2. How to add the library

2.1. Adding the library to project

Library supports Nuget package and dll file.Please link library that suits your application configuration.

Please download and confirm the newest SDK and Library from our Global Support Site.

2.1.1. Use Nuget package

  1. Install the following packages.

2.1.2. Manually adding the link

  1. In Solution Explorer, select the project.

  2. On the Project menu, click Add Reference. The Add Reference dialog box opens.

  3. Click Reference Button and select the libraries in the libs folder of StarPRNT SDK, then click OK.


    • StarIO.dll

    • StarIOExtension.dll

    • StarIODeviceSetting.dll


    *1: After the build, place the the following files in the same location as the above libraries (StarIO.dll/StarIOExtension.dll/StarIODeviceSetting.dll).

    For 32bit application

    • StarIOPort_x86.dll

    • GenerateBarcode_x86.dll

    For 64bit application

    • StarIOPort_x64.dll

    • GenerateBarcode_x64.dll

    *2: If the library with a strong named is used, select the library (StarIO.dll/StarIOExtension.dll/StarIODeviceSetting.dll) within the ‘libs_strong_named’ folder.


    If using a StarIODeviceSetting.dll, add also a StarIO.dll in the project reference.