1. Introduction

Star PassPRNT (hereafter referred to as PassPRNT) is a printing application made by Star Micronics co., Ltd.

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PassPRNT is called by the host application using a function called URL scheme, accepts the printing data, and then outputs it to a Star Micronics-brand printer.

This manual describes the functions of PassPRNT and the application interactions between PassPRNT and the host application.

The application interaction of this software uses the iOS standard URL scheme (including path and query).

The printing layout is defined using HTML or PDF. Other printer settings use the queries described in this manual.

Accordingly, this manual is intended for application/system developers who use HTML and Objective-C. A basic understanding of HTML and Objective-C are assumed for the users of this manual and software.


Request Related to Version Update of the iOS Star PassPRNT

In accordance with instructions from Apple , the browser engine for the iOS Star PassPRNT will be changed from UIWebView to WKWebView.

The above change is made starting from iOS Star PassPRNT Ver. 2.4.2 (to be released in November 2020).

As a result of this change, there may be some differences in the rendering of HTML data. Please be aware of this.

1.1. Functions of PassPRNT

The functions of PassPRNT are described below.

(A) Starting the Software

  1. Selecting ‘Print’ will start the software in conjunction with the host application. After printing is completed, the host application is automatically displayed. (After printing is completed, PassPRNT will send any error codes to the host application.)

  2. Selecting ‘Settings’ will be displayed as the Configuration screen when the application is started.

(B) Functions

In the iOS environment, PassPRNT is called by the host application using a URL scheme, accepts the printing data, and then prints to a Star Micronics-brand printer.

(C) Setting Method

  1. Printer Settings

    There are two setting methods: settings can be made from the PassPRNT settings screen, or settings can be configured using queries from the host application.Settings made using queries are given priority.For information on making settings using queries, refer to Queries.

    • Printer Selection

    • Designation of “Peripheral (Drawers, etc…)” (excluding mobile printers)
      • The activation timing is for the timing before printing and after printing.

(D) Screen Configuration

  1. Printer Configuration

    On the settings screen, the settings described in C)-1 can be made.

    • View/select a printer from a list of available printers (The “Search” function can be used)

      1. Select the communication interface

      When selecting “Desktop”/”mCollection”, the interface selection window is displayed (LAN/Bluetooth/USB/All).

      1. Show detected printers in search results

    • Check communication with the selected printer

      1. Firmware version acquisition is performed after the printer is selected

      2. Check the selected printer supports Firmware version, and then the result is displayed.If a communication confirmation error occurs, a warning message is displayed.

      The following factors are considered to be the main causes of a communication confirmation error.

      • The device and the printer are not paired correctly

      • The printer is offline (the power is off or there is no paper in the printer)

      • Too far away from the Bluetooth printer, or poor signal conditions

      In this case, the printing item will be cleared. Check communication with the new printer.

      Settings made using queries override the above settings. If the value is not included in the query, this setting will be enabled.

      If selecting drawer configuration as “before printing” and printer was offline, drawer is opened after recovering online except mPOP.

      The settings made are saved in the application until it is uninstalled.

(E) Languages

This application supports the following 2 languages. If the language setting of this device is not set to Japanese, it will be set to English.

  • Japanese

  • English

(F) Cautions

  1. During printing

    Data storage period

    The period from when PassPRNT is launched by the host application until the transition back to the host application.


    The received printing data cannot be printed unless there are instructions from the user (select “retry” during printing).

    Canceling Application

    Do not hold down the “home” button to cancel the operation when printing. If the application has been canceled, the operating system may close the application even when printing. Therefore, the printing result cannot be sent to the host application.

  2. Printing error due to settings failure

    When “Printer” are not selected on the settings screen, PassPRNT will connect to “Desktop” as the desired printer. The printer being used is one of the paired Star printers. Consequently, if printing to Portable and mCollection, make sure to select “Type” and “Printer” on the settings screen or through the query settings.